Avid Eleven Rack Presets

This site is a catalog of downloadable presets, sound files and information for the Avid (Digidesign) Eleven Rack. I created this to be a personal catalog of presets or "Rigs" that would include audio example files and advanced searching features.

You can search by Musical Style, Amp Model, Artist, Song and rating. This allows an Eleven Rack preset to be quickly "demo'd" without the need to fire up Pro Tools, which as you probably know, can take a while.

In an effort to make this site more useful to others and myself, anyone with an Eleven, a preset and the desire to do so, can upload and share their own presets and sound clips, as well as download some new ones!

© 2011 KM | This website is not affiliated with Avid Technologies, Inc, or any manufacturers product emulated by the Eleven Rack.Unless noted, all sound files are copyrighted works and may not be reproduced without the authors permission.